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Anonymous asked:

If you like how i express myself the. Me killing myself youd enjoy way to much ---that is too much.. i like reading your rants.. you'll find love probably had that with someone before or maybe a few guys

what the fuck is your problem 


Anonymous asked:

and this guy i like. -what happened with that? i enjoy when you express how you feel

If you like how i express myself the. Me killing myself youd enjoy way to much

I seriously dont know when to talk away. In the past week ive been hurt in so many ways. From my best friend, to my ex, to my sister, my parents, and this guy i like.

I wss blinded, by so called love. Love my ass… Love is when you would do anything for that person. Not do everything in your power to push them away. You have to earn the titles your given.. Parents, friend, sister, anything.

Parents- its doesnt matter if you had a baby or not. Its who raises that child. Alot of adults give their babies up for abdoption, in hopes of giving them a brighter future. They arent a parent. Its the one who adopts them. Raises them as their own. Parents are suppose to guide you through life, helping you make the right choices. Being there when you fall down, so you can get righy back up. They arent suppose to push you down, and kick you over and over again, till your so broken you can barley stand.

I could go on and on. Friends come and go, people come and go.. Family is suppose to be forever. But my family isnt forever. I lost my sister, my brothers, my best friend…

You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you.

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